Thursday, May 29, 2008

3rd last blog post, Thursday morning

The SMDIS program is crawling closer and closer to its eventual end.

The previous Tuesday was without any formal program thanks to some parallel bioinformatics related activity here in Stockholm. Inspired by the nice spring/summer weather this gave way to a working day. Yesterday, Meesoon Ha presented some of her recent work on one-dimensional extensions of the Asymmetric Exclusion Process (ASEP). The main issue at hand is that the ASEP is one of the standard paradigms of non-equilibrium systems, and being a representation of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang problem (or the Burgers' equation) exhibits shocks and nonlinearities. One can then modify the ASEP to look at various transitions that correspond most often to shock-formation in the KPZ, or to seek for new physics - like if one in the ASEP lets the particles to jump not by one lattice site but to the next cluster of particles.

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